Visarjan Magic

Bombay Idol - Ganesh
[click on the image for a large view]

I didn't exactly catch visarjan but I did get this picture outside Victoria Terminus (CST) . The interesting think about this "murthi" (idol) is that it was sponsored by the Railway Coollies of CST. The Coolies, in their tradmark red and with their white nehru cap pinned on there red, danced to the loud beating of festive drums. All you could see was a sea of dancing red with little speckles of white, under the hazy cloud of more red colour.

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rusty said...

All that color and excitement reaches out and makes you want to be a part of it all.....I saw the clippings on the various news channels and I really wanted to head to bombay!

pinkblog78 said...

Ganpati Bappa Morya !

blur said...

you know, this is the first picture am actually looking at. I mean the first pic of this ganesh chaturti. I havent had much time to look at news or anything. really got me an itty bitty holy smile.

always liked laddu ganesh for some reason. was kinda my fav :)

aparna said...

i love ganesh chaturthi as i get to eat many delicious prasads at other ppl's house( read mango float n the yummy chewvda at phal's house). i had hoped that u'd takes snaps of post ganpati immersion to create awareness abt the aftermath of the immersion. every year the entire beach is littered wit broken parts of the idols and scavengers diving in the water to loot the jewellry of the statues evn though its fake but at time sthey immerse statues wearing real gold jewellry
echo pinkblog78

Rahul said...

Nice snap as usual Akshay.

Loved those snaps in the "Bandra" and "Sea" post.

You should seriously consider photography. No kidding.

livinghigh said...

heyloes. i was at chowpatty during visarjan.. well, not THERE there - passing thru, on my way to INOX. was bloody crowded! but i heard something interesting about immersions in pune.. using smaller idols for de immersion and storing bigger idols for next year! hehehe..

PS: didnt go to bandra fair, but went to mochas, on de last day of the fair.

KJ said...

i was so home sick seeing the visarjan news on TV. Ganpati Bappa Morya!!!!

have a nice day.

Anju said...

That is such a neat picture. I want a copy for my living room. :)

Geetanjali said...

That would really have been an interesting sight - seeing the colour suncrhonisation while hearing that perfectly tuned synchronised beating of drums and ley-zhims...I kinda thrill in that rhythmic beating! Far beats the use of loudspeakers in my opinion!

I used to love visiting people's houses n paying my respects to Ganpati; not to mention eating that prasad, specially the steaming hot modaks topped with ghee!

Rahul - You may mock and smirk all you want, but considering the kind of pollution that results frm immersion and the fact that bigger idols simply wash ashore the next day all broken up, it's far better to immerse the smaller idols only. As it is the festival has skewed out of proportion with the commericialisation and materialisation increasing every year!

(Btw Akshay, you've been tagged)

Akshay said...

rusty - festival reach out to you, may be it's the people may be its the colour who knows.
All I know there is a very high visual polarity to it.

pinkblog78 - happy vinayaka chaturthi to you. somewhat belated but I don't think god would mind

blur - well I like laddu ganesh to mostly because of the laddus.

aparna - I'm officially angry with phal I didn't get any of that prasad. Did you hear of that photographer you got beaten up for creating awareness - they even broke his camera - very scarry stuff.But I agree the big murthis are much overdone.

rahul - thanks. consider photography, the problem is I don't know how

livinghigh - going INOX, but there is nothing to watch on the big screen. All the movies are oh so drab. So how long were you stuck in traffic ?
Novel idea storing the bigs one - in this age, roll over ganapatis is a great idea. you just store give them a new paint job and they're all anew.

kj - sorry couldn't be there but I hope this picture relieve some of your home sickness.

anju - by all means, living room I'm honoured

geetanjali - You've caught me in a homer simpson moment here, steaming hot modaks, drool !
some very smart people here in bombay where selling chocolate modaks very novel I thought.

You should add overly politicized to the list.