In a last few days, I've discovered a flurry of activity around Remote Sensing - in and around India and the result are that many websites using googlemaps like services are cropping up for use. You've already seen in one of my previous posts.

One of the projects I found via C*S*F was Project MyMumbaiCar [note - only IE compatible].
MyMumbaiCar is a carpool manager running on GoogleMaps.

Users can set up their custom locations ("Home", "Office", etc.) on a googleMap of Mumbai and then either offer rides or look for them. The system uses simple trigonometery and open source databases to find the closest rides.
I think it's a great idea. Will save fuel, time and money.

Here an example of the hybrid Maps being used, which are provided by [[]] . You can see a clearer picture of this map here.

BTW I live here somewhere here - near the Cafe Coffee Day.

If you're looking for more satelite images of India you could look here [Via All Over The Map]. They include maps of Mumbai and even Pune and a galaxy of other India Cities.

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livinghigh said...

me mumbaicar? ;-) need ta get a car first, dude!

PS: great collection of pics in de previous post. hope u dont mind dat i took a printout of one of them.

Akshay said...

you not need a car rahul you could just split the cost with the owner of the car. that way it will benefit both parties.

Sure, print out any picture you want.

Nick said...

Awesome map, first of all.
You successfully pinpointed the most important location in greater Mumbai. CAFE COFFEE DAY! (Just kidding. But Barista sucks.)