We Need Book Zone

Books, Glorious Books.
They're no pleasure in life more then turning their crumply, crisp, chlorine free brown pages on a Sunday afternoon.

In Downtown Bombay the streets are really paved with gold if you happen to be a book lover. Books all shapes sizes, hardbound-paper, most especially endless reading.

Churchgate's Second Hand Book Sellers are a Bombay cultural instution. But off late, you must have read they have come under from the muncipality for "making the surroundings look ugly" . (Read more here, here and here.)

Is this Ugly ?
Books, Glorious Books - Second Hand books
If you know the answer to that one.

Then may be we could do a little to help them out. Here is how.
Mumbai Book Seller Welfare Association

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Prakriti said...

Akshay, the first and second links are the same.

Akshay said...

I must have messed up.. I'll change that.

. : A : . said...

Books can never be ugly.

Nice post.

KJ said...

i agree with .:a:., NO WAY that books can ever be called UGLY. Some of the best books that i ever read were from bought from the book sellers outside & opposite to the GPO. I had an acct going on with them since 1985 till 1998.
I wish the govt wud pay attention to the infrastructure of bombay, rather than troubling these guys who help us in enriching our lives.

niki yokota said...

same here. i dont think they are ugly at all(?_?)

Rushi said...

oh my god. i want those books. i want it. sooo bad.

Harini Calamur said...

they aren't ugly. but i have this terrible urge to wash my hands with dettol everytime i finish browsing.
but, i don't know what the bmc is up to - this is part of the cultural heritage of mumbai. those 2 kms should be maaf!

Geetanjali said...

I missed the Bombay "bouquinistes" on Saturday when I was walking down from churchagate to the museum...though I have bought very few books frm them, I did find some real treasures there and miss stopping by them to see what's available!

Pallavi said...

We have one bookstall here in Bnagalore like that... its the Premier Book Stall and all the books are about to fall on you.. its arranged like that.. my paradise... he he

Owen said...

Redevelopment plans were going to mean that the second-hand bookshops in Charing Cross Road in London were going to be driven out. Fortunately a new regime realised how important they were in giving character to the area and attracting shoppers and the shops were saved, though they're not quite the same as they were. Good luck in your attempts to save your second-hand booksellers, as kj says they're part of a city's cultural heritage.

Akshay said...

From this post I've come to realize as Owen, Pallavi and Saad[on flickr] pointed out the state vs Second hand bookstores is an almost a global urban problem.

Kj, auguast, prakriti, niki,geetanjalli and harini may be just be if the state realizes the significance of such cultural institutions and acts to enchance them rather than diminish them Bombay is the only party going to gain from this.

Thanks for you comments everybody and hope Bombay's Street Book Wonders make a comeback till then,
Happy Browsing.

Noel K said...

A famous philosopher once said, "When I get some money I buy books, books and more books. Then if there is any left I buy food and clothes". Book are a vital part of my life and always have been.And the booksellers of Fountain have been close friends. People who understand and love books as I do. Why crack down on books which spread wisdom, while around the corner you have guys peddling pornographic VCDs and nobodys cracking down on them? Give us back our booksellers, or give us a special book zone. Bookworms of Mumbai lets unite and fight!.

Noel Keymer