Random Europe

I'm in the process of puting the random notes and observation I made on my trip to Europe online. You guys must be pretty sick of hearing about my here so I decided to put them up somewhere else [also helps in keeping the stuff organised]. So if you not nothing to do or are just interested you could read about DAY 1 of my travails here .

Here's an excerpt.

It's somewhat strange reading Thomas Friedmans' "Latitudes and Longitudes - The World in the Age of Terrorism". Strange for no other reason but I'm reading it on a plane, the object most of the world associates with terrorism itself. What makes reading this ironic is my destination, Berlin. The city Friedman and many modern day thinkers think of as the place where the world threw out socialism - bringing the world closer. As Friedman himself puts it 11/9 the day the Berlin Wall fell the world became smaller also incidently on 9/11 when the WTC towers came down some walls came up again.

Yeah I added some pictures too.

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Geetanjali said...

I have nothing to do...so off I go... :-)