Million Shadows

Villages, Towns, Cities, Countries are nothing the silhouettes, cast by the people that call them home. Thus Mumbai must be one city just like that, a city of 15 million shadows in the midday sun.

Nizzamuddin, is one such resident, who says he came to Bombay many years ago from Tamil Nadu from a village I wasn't quiet attentive enough to the catch the name of. He now sells dall chana and peanuts at the corner of Mahim causeway. He smiles at me with what teeth that have still not left him. I photograph him as a thin haze of gentle smoke rises up from the peanuts at his feet.
Behind some smoke
Most people come to Bombay as economic migrants people looking to pave futures or trying to escape droughts or tough social conditions in their villages.

I was just turning a corner when I was greated by these bunch of kids who by some form of magic where attracted to my camera. I bunch them up as they enthusiastically bright up their faces with the ivory smiles *click . I ask them where they're from? Saurashtra, they say as they lead me back the base of this large wooden boat. The boat has a plastic sheet anchored it in the form of a tent were what their mother is painstakingly putting finishing touches a tokra [cane basket].

I promised them picture I'll print it out and give it to them tomorrow.
India Smiles

Cane Work

That's a small glimpse of Bombay and her people and as I speak more trains and buses flood into the city with more people looking for a better tomorrow - if only the state treated them better.

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pinkblog78 said...

Hey you should pursue photography as your career. You click the most amazing pics. They have such character!

Monologist said...

wow... You know i really like the capture of the Indian life in bombay. Its so classic as it potrays how unfair life is, but yet they can smile.

Charu said...

these photographs are superb - esp the one of the two kids... you know, people believe that Bombay never treats her people badly - all the goddesses all over the place taking care of the hopefuls... kaash...

aparna said...

inspite of the hunger, poverty that surrounds the lives of the street kids in mumbai they looks so content wit life .nice pictures

William said...

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