Döner kebab

Turks are to Germany what Indians and Pakistanis are to Britan [ no not terrorist suspects]. Also as the Indians introduced chicken tikka masala, curry and chai to Britan the Turks introduced the döner kebab.

Here is a half eaten example of the same. [I'm a messy eater I know]
And at only 1.50 euro is probably the cheapest thing people with devalued currencies can afford [me]. Germans consume 200 to 300 metric tons of döner kebab per day. In 1998, they spent about €1.5 billion on döner kebabs. Also they're are supposed more popular then the home grown Currywurst or the frankfurter [read chiken tikka vs fish and chips in Britan]

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Anju said...

mmmm.. that looks good. I'm hungry

Geetanjali said...

I preferred the currywurst...:-)

Akshay said...

Anju - I'm hungry too at this moment. I think I'll go raid those pears sitting in my fridge.

Geetanjalli - I prefer currywurst too especially with fries,pommes as the germans call it.

aparna said...

looks delicious

The Agony Aunt said...

That looks suspiciously similar to a 'shavarma'

Rushi said...

i want it.. i'm hungry for real food.. all we've been eating is insipid tuna helper. puh.