15th August 2005

Here are some pictures from my day.

I was standing at Bandra Station waiting for my train and the sky blue window on the opposite platform caught my eye and not to mention the man siting on his honches waiting. So out comes my camera and click. Notice the tiranga* pinned to this shirt - very patriotic. There also allot of moss growing probably due all the rain bombay got this past month.

Goods Traveller
I got into the luggage compartment for some reason. Luggage compartments on any working brimming with activity from Bombay's famous dabbawallahs to vegetable ladies, fish mongers and flourist transporting their goods. Anyways, somebody offerred me a seat, looking at my camera and thinking me a tourist.

Copious Amounts of Chai
Chai (Hindi: चाय [cay]) or Masala Chai is a term for spiced tea from India. Chai is actually a generic word for tea in many South Asian countries, and also in Swahili, an Eastern African language, where it was brought by Indian merchants.

Here a picture I took of the ever smiling chaiwallah outside Bombay Unversity.

At the Crease More Cricket
Here are some kids playing Cricket at Azad Maidan

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Anju said...

I love the chai spice.
I love it.
I love it.
I love it.

Monologist said...

wonderful pictures.
I like the train one :)

livinghigh said...

de blue window is FAB! ;-) and so is de maidaan cricket. nice digicam.

Geetanjali said...

Great pics Akshay!

Dint know abt Korea and Congo sharing I-day with us...interesting trivia!

niki yokota said...

wow! chai shop and people! great shot akshay(^O^)

Anand said...

Wonderful pictures. Great post.

aparna said...

love the azad maidan snap.

Akshay said...

anju - I love masala chai too well everybody does.

monologist - thank you.

livinghigh - the digi cam is got bashed up a little butter fingers here dropped it a few times.

geetanjali - sounding very pedantic - now you knwo

niki - thank you

aparna - I like that one too

pinkblog78 said...

Love the pictures on your blog! The one at Bandra station is really cool. Which camera do you have?
I am a hardcore Bombayite and am feeling major nostalgia after seeing all the B'bay pics.

Akshay said...

Pink - Thanks I use a Canon Powershot S45 - nothing very snazzy butit seems to do the job.

Roopali said...

Even other languages use the word similar to 'chai' for tea. In Russian and Romenian its exactly pronounced as in Hindi "chai" where as in Japanese its "cha".