Blog Pandemic

Blog Pandemic

Books, Glorious Books - Second Hand books
Remember chain mails, yeah those vile polluters of your inbox that vowed dark consequences if you didn't spreading their evil seeds. I would rate them just below the Nigerian email scams in most disliked things in your inbox.
The blogoshere in recents months is sufferring from the slightly more refined variant of chain mails in the form of book and music memes.It's a bloody pandemic everywhere you turn you find list and lists of them.

It just shows now connected the blogesphere is.

No I'm not complaining. I just bracing for more of these.

I was book-tagged by Anand of Locana, Harini of POV and Vulturo.
I was music-tagged by Satish of Appliblog and Rahul of Livinghigh.

"Yeah, I'm combining both the memes it's make it simpler AND Books and Music"

On to question one.

Volume of Books(owned) and Music(stolen)?

Books are great they are easy inherited and Music easily stollen.

My collection is an amalgamation of my dad's and my grandmothers collections both huge readers.I add my 5 cents here and there.I would put them at 800 books in Pune and about the same in Bombay.

Music are so easily stolen, I should be on the RIAA most wanted list. I would put it at about 30 Gb.Well I use bit-torrent to pimp stuff.
"P2P is dead, Long live P2P"
I also ocassionally buy music but think the process to be archaic.

Last book/Cd I bought ?

The book I bought was Julius by Daphne Du Maurier.
The book till now chronicles the sometimes autistically cold Julius, always on the look out for the "something for nothing". It's fast entering my list of favourites.
I also bought The World is Flat by Thomas Friedmen when I was in dehli. I reviewed it here.

The last CD is bought was Bruce Springsteen's Devils and Dust. It was fiercely acoustic countryish album. Not bad is my verdict. I looking out for the new Oasis and Coldplay albums.

Books/Songs That Mean a Lot to Me.

- Books -

God Speaks
by Meher Baba

God Speaks incorporates all of life into a spiritual saga. The only protagonist is God, and his story encompasses all individual biographies. It is God himself who becomes the three basic processes for the growth and transformation of consciousness: evolution, reincarnation and involution (the spiritual path of return to Himself).

I Heard God Laughing: Renderings of Hafiz
by Hafiz, Daniel Ladinsky

Fabulous of collections of Poems ever written I would think. Some of the feeling must have been lost in the translation but oh boy! they are powerful.

"Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman!": Adventures of a Curious Character
by Richard P. Feynman

Feynman surely the coolest physicists ever. The book at most can be described as intelligent,unusual and funny.

The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy
by Douglas Adams

Not worthy of my description.

- Music -

  1. Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppellen
  2. Wonderwall - Oasis
  3. Paranoid Robot - Radiohead
  4. Last Kiss - Pearl Jam
  5. Message in a Bottle - The Police

- Nominations -

I hereby nominate Anna , Nick (I doubt you'll comply), Phal & Rahul(livinghigh)& Geetanjalli [do the books meme],Kathak and Rahul.

If I've missed someone I'm sorry I'll nominate you when the movie meme comes out


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