Common Name: Baobab
Genus: Adansonia
Species: digitata

I sit here a little sleep deprived talking to you about the baobab tree. Why? you ask am I talking about a tropical tree with an elphantine trunk found mostly in the southern hemisphere. I don't know, I found one here in Pune. It's like finding zebra on the road instead of a cow. I'm being made to understand Baobobs grow in the Kalahari, Madagascar and Central Australia and not in the Pune urban wilderness.

Here's the squib on how I found my Baobab tree.

During the day, I try and study in locations other than my room as a refreshing alternative to my room, which I see enough of in the night. I'm sorry if the post sounds like gibberis- just dismiss it asrealism. Anyways, my room is no place to study duringthe day because its plagued with povercuts, darkness and the heat. Need I mention it's a bloodymess. It's all got something to do with the circles of life.

I usually study at Pune University . The campus is a lush, tropical green something out of a gaughin painting. Pune University was formerly a botanical gardens which was latter converted into a university hundred or so years ago. That's where I found my baobab tree.

No I did get some studying done -- in between the pictures.

Banyan Trees, Doorways of green

Lotus Sans Lotus.

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Anonymous said...

hi dude,

thanks alot for Baobab post... it may sound bit weird... im a baobab fan.. and looking for a baobab seed/seedling in Delhi... wish i get one ..

i wanna have this tree as bonsai in my house..

any source?

thanks alot

vinay DOT rathore AT THE RATE gmail DOT com