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Just Answers No Links
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We all know search engines are great research tools but sometimes all we are left with after a search, are pages and pages of links, but no answers.
Enter, Answer.com, this newbie search engine promises, Just Answers no links.

I was pleasantly surprised one day to find answer.com instead of dictionary.com when I did one of those routine google searches on a word I didn't know hoping to find the meaning. [Try one out yourself search the meaning of Rera Avis and click on the definition link on the upper right bar]
On first sight, I thought answer.com was just another search engine but then once I checked them I said to myself 'hey these guys are different'.
Like I said in the start they deliver Concise Facts on Demand.

Here's how they describe themselves

Search engines give you links to sift through,
one by one. GuruNet software and web solutions
give you actual information, without sending you
hunting all over the web.
As you may have notice I'm quite the info-maniac and until recently I linked wikipedia articles to words and topics in need of elaboration but I found that answer.com searches includes not only the wikipedia article but also other usable info so I started linking answer.com instead.
Nick the internet buzzard, noticed and highlighted this fact on my comment page and later spurred me to do a post on answer.com and it's parent company Gurunet.

In you look at Gurunet Corporation's (Amex : GRU) competitors you would find that Gurunet with a market capitalization of about 120 million dollars is really tiny compared to say Ask jeep's(ASKS) with a market cap of 1.6 billion dollars who happens to be their nearest competitor.
They they may be small but they're innovators, in the computer services industry and especially in search engines innovation is key and products like 1-click answers and with their next generation view on searches I see them going far.

In the future there are only two things I see happening to this company A.) they get acquired by a big company which means bling bling for investors or B.) they think big and therefore become big which also means bling bling for investors
Either way it's bling bling so gurunet.It's definitely a BUY in my book.

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Erick said...

Try Quicknation.com,its similar to answers without the adds.

Anonymous said...

Try Quicknation.com,its similar to answers without the adds.