Film Rolls , Ice tea and VIP induced traffic jams.

Film Rolls , Ice tea and VIP induced traffic jams

DaY 1
It's many a students dream in Pune to be
first seen walking aimlessly around FC road (Ferguson college) or second, even better spend a day at what claims to be
Pune's finest 5 screen multiplex E-square.

Breezy one moment and sunny the next that's how these January days are and this Friday was no different. Cough cough and dust in my eyes , I should be wearing my helmet but its not too bad
its not 1st February yet or that manu(policemen) in the corner would be all over me

Buzzing with untapped excitement I park two levels down, how I hate underground parking(not really why did I say that Oh well) . Dark and dingy I leave the subterranean warehousing space.
"Let the movies begin" I say to myself. .
"Let the movies begin."
Up we go , up the stars passing the general hoopla. Screen 5 is full, people crowd the aisles and yes there is place screen 4 , Sky Hook it is

The movie has already started, heres is the part where I jump in and review Sky Hook.

You must be wondering what a Sky Hook is ? Well I was, ((google to the rescue) Sky Hook is a type of shot in Basketball. Which is funny really because the movie is set in Belgrade during the Kosovo War. Connection Basketball - Kosovo War ? ?
The film tells the story of some folks in Serbia having to deal with the consequences of the war. Most of them don't have to go to the army (yet), but have to live between ruins with bombs falling nearly every day. Although the motto is surviving these days, they try to live a life as normal as possible to be up against the ugly face of war - each one on his own as it seems. One day someone has the idea to build up a basket for playing basketball. Although his idea is perceived as being fool in such times, soon all the youngsters and the older folks - parents and others watching the things going on in the streets - as well as a concurrent street gang are being attracted by the idea.

I enjoyed it, well parts of it were slow but it had insight. Well I would give it a 6 out of 10.

Next on my list the movie If I Were A Rich Man rephrasing Ah! Si j'�tais riche .

Moving on , the story was quiet unimaginative, a middle aged 'loser' cosmetics salesmen wins the 10 million euro jackpot on the lottery(clich� clich� clich� !! wait thats french isn't it?) and the story goes on from their. It was funny though, must give it that. Predicable yet funny that sums it up for me. Well what can I say I'm a sucker for get rich movies with a love element in them I'll give it a 7.5 .

Did you know multiplexes the world over make more money selling popcorn then tickets that explains the sometime super exorbitant cost of foods in theatres. The cheapest think at E-square on would possibly drink is an Iced Tea , which surprisingly is the cheaper than water at the place.
An Ice tea it is to quench my thirst.

I'm joining politics , you win a darn elections and they give you a couple of cars and truck load of bodyguards and you life of the tax payers money. Not only that you get the so called "VIP"(very important person) status which gives you the god - given right to stop traffic while your 12 car convoy passes with great pomp and flair. End result a VIP induced traffic jams.

Question -
Whets worse than One VIP convoy ? Well two vip convoys. Why can't they travel together. The logic evades me 24 cars transporting 2 people .

Anyways well inauguration ceremonies are all glitz no bite I'm out of here.

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