A Whiff of Salt

Whiff of Salt : The 1st Crystal

Walking on wet rocks is an art more than a skill. You have to be absolutely careful, each step being a test of stability. Barnacles are sprinkled all over the hard back of the rocks like a strange acne. You must already know that a barnacle is a type of arthropod belonging to infraclass Cirripedia in the subphylum Crustacea and is hence distantly related to crabs and lobsters so I won�t bother telling bother telling you again. But whatever you say they are jagged as the minuscule cartilaginous teeth of sharks. They will shred skin like butter. On the other hand they are a grip to for shoes on the greasy surface of wet of rocks. Hermit crabs speed about hiding from the oncoming tide and the water do not get me started on the water. A layer of salt of forming on my face, I could taste it on my lips and feel it under my shirt.
Many years ago the 23 year old Colombian Merchant vessel, Juan Valdez based port out of Cartagena was abandoned one thunderous monsoon night. The cove was built to scrap this two ton thunderous monster and scrap they did tearing it about metal form metal until was left of the ship was nothing and the only reminder to us that it had ever been there was the cove itself.

I often walk here in the mornings when the tides are low and the wind is plenty and the people are scarce. Walking by my self, buying moments and enjoying the little things.
I have lived with the sea all my 67 years and I had never grown tired of her, never. She seemed as fresh to me as a blooming jasmine. I had grown lonely after Nina that left me and in my solitude I had grown senile. Nina shared my love my sea, we were a strange couple the sea, Nina and me. Now that the sea had left me it was just me and the sea and I filled the my solitude with her.

PS - Well I'm going to add a crystal every 3 days therefore my the dawn of the next year we'll have your self a story. If you are interested in reading other works of fiction go here .

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