Tikka Massala may become a Word

Tikka Massala may become a Word

This what curry chef's in the UK and "curry" lovers everywhere have been waiting for a day when they use their favourite dish on the scrabble board.This dish that is probably giving the good ole' fish & chips a run for it money it finally reached it self at doorstep of the OED.

This is whar the entry would look like.
chicken tikka masala, n, �
mild curry dish of chicken in a tomato-based sauce, cooked tandoori style (in a charcoal-fired oven). Optional hefty dose of tartrazine lends luminescent orange glow

The latest edition of the OED newsletter is online, and includes an "Appeals" section:

The Words or phrases which appear on the Appeals List are those currently being drafted or revised for the OED for which the documentary evidence is incomplete. Often these are slang or colloquial items which cannot be researched in specialist texts and are most likely to be found by a general reader in non-specialized or popular literature. (...) Please note: it is generally safe to assume that examples found by searching the Web, using search engines such as Google, will have already been considered by OED editors.

Other words on the list of appeals include .

hoodie (n.: a hooded jacket, sweatshirt, or other garment) antedate 1990
pick up (v.: break up or dig up with a pick) postdate 1894
pitchable (a.) interdate 1486�1939
pivotable (a.) antedate 1899
plantswoman (n.) antedate 1968
plausibilize (v.) interdate 1655�1984
poseable (a.) antedate 1965
posedown (n.: the final stage in a bodybuilding competition) antedate 1978
quad bike (n.) antedate 1989
scrunchie (n.) antedate 1989

I must admit some of these donot have a chance , for example what the heck does plantswoman
mean ? Is it a women who sells pot ?
Well actually after a little google search I wasn't that faraway.

"1. Someone who has extensive knowledge of and experience in gardenning

Knowledge or plants doesn't it make her a gardener ? Why plantwomen ?

But I think other words like pivotable, plausibilize, must have some usage and probably people do not even know they're using Non-Words so to speak.

[via Boing Boing]

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