Think Smart. Learn . Attain Knowledge

Think Smart. Learn . Attain Knowledge .Apply

Lately I've been seeing the lack of creativity in me. This lack of "the creative response". A normal person should change and evolve .Change is Constant, right ? .
I shouldn't be saying this but I see the same shortcomings in many of my colleagues in college.
People are spending too much time subscribing to wrong thinking processes, just because its easier to subscribe to or to implement.

Innovation is suffering, people are not looking beyond the boundary. Why? This must change, we need to be looking further and further and move to that point. Instead of being chained to the short term. Closed thought, we should do away with it. I should do away it.
2005 is the year to push the edge. Move forward.

Have a great 2005 ! Think Smart. Learn . Attain Knowledge.

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