Flamingoes , Pink

Flamingoes , Pink

At 0100 hundred hours IST today when I will attain freedom form the menacing monster thats are my exams. I'm just so excited, the kind of excitement you get in the airport waiting room before a flight.

Flamingos return to Sewri for annual visit [via Express Newsline]

HE feathered visitors are back.

Nearly 10,000 Greater Flamingos and Lesser Flamingos can now be spotted in large groups on the wet and marshy mudflats of Sewri bay.

* HOW TO get THERE? The closest railway station is Sewri on the Harbour line. From Sewri station, hail a taxi to Colgate Factory. Close to the factory, is an area from where the birds can be spotted. Barely 1 km away is another good spot, near the Sewri jetty.
* WHEN�S THE BEST TIME? Preferably early mornings, between high tide and low tide.

I have uploaded some picture of my other bird watching adventure on

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