Ugly Cucumbers & Xocoatl


Say that to yourself Xoco - atl. What does that sound like ?
To me it sounds like chocolate. Well it is.A word from the Maya language, xocoatl derives from xoco, bitter, and atl, water. Bitter-Water the word that inspired the spanish to call it chocolate.
I love chocolate don't you ?
The primary stimulant(things that make things addictive) in chocolate is the theobromine, which is frequently confused with caffeine. Contrary to popular belief, chocolate does not contain significant amounts of caffeine, except when caffeine is added by the manufacturer.
So it you call yourself a chocoholic (I do) your probably addicted to theobromine(highly addictive). Being a chocololic would put you in the same league as a crack addict or a heavy smoker ,well almost it works the same way atleast.
That would explain why people don't like sharing their chocolate bars?
Well I don't mind sharing, sharing it with my clothes I mean.Here is some picture to lucidly explain my argument.

As you can baby akshay(I'm cute ain't I??) is already on his way to chocolate addiction.

Death By Chocolate
Chocolate is actually toxic to all animals, but the average human being would have to eat about 20 pounds of chocolate to be affected.Large amounts of chocolate can cause the following epileptic :-
seizures, heart attacks, internal bleeding, and eventually death.
Never Never feed your dog or your pet cat chocolate..

Why does taste so darn good ?

Part of the enjoyability of the chocolate eating experience is ascribed to the fact that its melting point is slightly below human body temperature and so it melts in the mouth. Chocolate also releases endorphins in the brain, which makes it nice regardless of taste

Anyways I'm thinking of starting a chocoholic's anonymous, any takers?

Ugly Cucumbers

I met one recently and I tell you, this was one really ugly cucumber!!
As cucumbers go, this was probably, Marilyn Manson the cucumber.

He was green,this evil evil green with small sprinkly freckles spread over like a bad rash which made his complection scaly yet smooth like the exterior of a just moulted snake.
An a beak , a beak like a vultures'.
But sadly our friend the ugly cucumber is no more.
He was served raw yet he was not shaken.
May he be digested in peace.

I'm leaving you with one of my favourites poems as a kid.

The Vulture

~Hilaire Belloc

The Vulture eats between his meals
And that's the reason why
He very, very rarely feels
As well as you and I.

His eye is dull, his head is bald,
His neck is growing thinner.
Oh! what a lesson for us all
To only eat at dinner!

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