Happy Diwali

I woke up before dawn today. To welcome the Sun on the dawn of a new day
May the next New Year bring light to your darkness and love to your heart

Happy Diwali

I was in Ahmednagar most of the morning ,actually not Ahmednagar I was in Meherabad which is a few kilometres off Ahmednagar.Nothing like the country to put you in good mood Eh?

I have pictures.

Nothing like a road journey to put your thoughts in perspective.Doesn't it look as if the the tracks extend to infinity  Posted by Hello

This picture remindS me of fields of gold.The grass was still from the rain we had yesterday. Posted by Hello

Pebbles.I just love the sensation you get when you walk on pebbles barefoot.  Posted by Hello

Canvas of a perfect blue. Posted by Hello

I'm blinded my shadow in the well of darkness. Posted by Hello

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