Is My Blog Traffic going to Explode ???

Is My Blog Traffic going to Explode ???

Ever go to Google and do a ramdom seearch just to see what comes up in the sponsored links?? I do it all the time.
Why? It is just one of the many ways that to find something that interest you. Occasionally, you'll find something really good and/or worth knowing about.(You could find something interesting just syndicate me ,Look up at the google ad bar.!!!!)

Yesterday, I came across this site called They claim that they can �explode� your blog traffic, for free. Here are come of their features

* 2:1 traffic ratio means for every two blogs you visit, one person will visit your Blog in return!

* Get your blog listed in the Blog Explosion blog directory and get free trafffic as long as you are a member!

* Add unlimited blogs you want to promote!

* Add unlimated banners with clickthrough reporting to help promote your blogs

* Enter great monthly contests and win bonus Mystery Blog traffic 24/7!

* Blogexplosion provides full statistics for your blog traffic including total visitors, unique visitors, time of day, and what country your blog traffic is coming from

* Refer new members to BlogExplosion and generate huge referral traffic on five tiers (10%,10%,10%, 10%,10%). Watch your blog traffic fly as you earn a percentage of blog traffic from people you refer to BlogExplosion.

I really don't know how it works to the fullest of my understanding yet ,simply because I just joined but it looks like the full deal .
I'll update y'all on how it works ??

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