Colombo Continued !!

Galle face road , is Colombo's equivalent of Marine Drive .But it's a little differrent the long and elegant sea-facing boulevard , is graciously fronted by a long green esplanade ,used by the tourists and locals alike for walking and enjoying the sights and sounds of the Indian ocean.Also did I mention it's also used as cricket ground, and in the morning it doubles as a coaching centre for young enthusiasts of the sport. So all in all Galle road is Shivaji Park meets Marine Drive , in strictly bombay terms that is.

So if you ever land up in Colombo,here one pick I should send your way, even though it may sound a little strange .
You should visit Kollupitiya Station in Colombo.
Why visit a station you may ask??
The answer is , I found to be one of the most unique stations I have ever visited .
Kollupitiya ,a station part of the Colombo mass transit local train system is on Galle Road again and the unique thing about it is just a stone throw away from the sea .. & The main track is on the beach.
Also a good is way to see Colombo by rail if you take a short train ride fro Kollupitiya to Colombo Fort station to get to see the City in it's true sense.As you glide by the Indian Ocean over and over the backwaters of Colombo Dutch past. And did I mention it quiet inexpensive it cost about One Sri Lankan Rupee per kilometre.
Just to put it into perspective One Sri Lankan rupee is 50 paise.Therefore 1 SL rupee is equal to 1 CENT.

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