Closing my eyes I see nothing ,
Just a want to see.
Blinded by the sun I see nothing ,
Just a want of darkness.
Blood in my eyes I see red,
Just a want to see green.

Today morning , I woke up to the strange ringing in my ear. It took me a minute to realize it was the phone.
Bee's are but drones of their , DNA . I'm but the drone of society
I walked to the bathroom , clambering slowly , sometimes clipping my toes on the side of intrusive furniture lining my coconut garage , I call home.
African , dessert tribesmen never see their own faces.
I looked up into the mirror wondering , seeing through by black sagging eyes wondering "Have I changed since yesterday."
The answer seems no clearer then yesterday...
Curtains............What use are Curtains??
Slasing handful of water on my dry face , as if to wake my self from illusion of existance I walk to the window..
I part the curtains , as I would part the petals of a fallen flower.

Light fall into my iris , sorry I don't know the plural
Light a strange invention , falls in an concentrated effort to fill by room with it presence.
In the process blinding me ,, My eyes flutter and my long eye lashes come down in the want of darkness.

Confused I stant there... Where's there it's everywhere.
My brains wants to think but ,I hamper it needs ... and I stand there confused .........

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