I have finished , "Self" and it turned out to be, quite a fragmented and a more or less confused account , no where close to the genius of Life of Pi,but there are certainly parts where we can see the evolution of his writing from "self" to "Life of Pi".I should reat the book in the middle , Helsinki episodes to understand his writing better. Actually fragmentation is great characteristic of my own life.
What fragmented lives we lead.
I remember , when we first bought a computer something like 10 years ago, it was one of the MS DOS machines . So I really overjoyed when my mother created a directory and named it after me,
Yes then all I would have to type was CD akshay and
my name came on to the computer screen, it was a sign that I existed.
It was like someone naming a street after me. If was as if I was alive.See it is easy to show a 8 year old happiness

By the way all my bags are packed , and I am leaving on a jet plane.
or should I say a Volvo bus.

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