I’ am going take this opportunity to attack the developed countries and their cows.
Cows ...Yes Cows. The EU awards subsidiaries of 2.50 dollars to each cow in the countries part of the EU.
2 and a half dollars is a large subsidiary by any standard in a world where more than half of the worlds population are below the poverty line and live on income less then a dollar a day . The US and the EU tell the poorest countries in the world that they are in “recession” and they can't afford to reduce such subsidiaries .OK they are in recession all right, US and European farmers are going to make "less" money without the subsidiaries. But when these subsidiaries are in place millions of farmers in developing countries starve and live in substandard inhuman conditions.
Also , did you know that 41 million people are suffer from HIV/AIDS (according to dec 2002 figures UNAIDS) and every 30 seconds two children become orphans , adding to staggering number of children who have lost one or both of their parents to the epidemic.
Did you know that strict patent regime of countries like the US is allowing the the HIV virus to win the battle against mankind.
There are over 100 varieties of drugs in the market place which help fight the opportunistic infections caused by HIV. Some of these drugs are generic drugs which are made in countries like India, Brazil and Cuba.
These drugs are improved copies of the AIDS drugs made by the larger pharmaceutical companies, which are sold at prices much lower then drugs by the large pharmaceutical companies. But these drugs at present can't be sold in Africa and America.
An AIDS drug in Botswana (a country where more then half their adult population is HIV positive) costs 3$ dollars a tablet that is 10 times the average income of a person in Botswana. Where as a generic drugs cost 15 cents a tablet. But sadly under the present patent regime these drugs cannot be manufactured in such countries and have to imported from the home country.
Many a time people in countries in Africa cannot afford medication. This is a great crime against humanity.


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