I spent today like most other days slobbering around, watching Televison, while I could here the rain come down outside. I don't know if it's the same all over the world but the first rains always bring a smell, very refreshing to my senses ...this strange freshness is a smell. Strange enough of wet mud. I like it when it rains but like everything too much of anything is bad.
Looking at my above logic then the people of Cherrapunji have it really bad. Cherra What? You might add.
Cherrapunji, a place in Northeastern India is the wettest place in the world. This tiny mountain village gets a bucket load of rainfall every year. Then you may add how much rainfall does this place actually get. the answer is 1290 cms (509inches) of rain a year. As you may see now the bucket analogy doesn't do justice to the amount of rainfall this place gets. All this due to amazing weather phenomenon called the monsoons. Monsoons are seasonal winds that blow from one direction for approximately six months, bringing torrential rains, and from the opposite direction for the remaining six months, during which little rain falls.
Now as you can see in the process of me writing thus blog my has mind meandered like the Nile, in the course of 20 minutes I have just successfully traveled from the chair in my living room to the wettest place on the world.
Triviality is truly my forte.

note 26 august....

****please ignore.***wasn't in proper phrame of mind

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