Goodbye TrivialMatters

6 years on, I've decided to shut this blog down - or well put it into a deep freeze cryogenic chamber kind of like MJ would have liked it.

Don't worry you'll see me on the internet (flickr, twitter,facebook, email etc.) but not just here.

For those 2-3 people (hi mum and dad) who still want to see me blog - I've bought myself a time-share at [feed]

Speaking of its an excellent place - grab a feed and link to us

Here is a little about us. is a magazine exploring Photography and Shared Territories in and from a new ever-changing Asia. In addition to being a platform for new visual perspectives from the continent, also dreams of creating a community for a better synthesis of art, media, and Asian cultures leading to a holism of new Asian visual identities.

In its current form you can discover photography from Asia and various points of view: documentary, fine art, photojournalism, poetic, personal, abstract, human, and street photography. We gear ourselves to be a free platform for inclusion, collecting perspectives that otherwise would have been left under told. Taking these perspectives on to the streets to foster better dialogue and taking the photographic medium into communities to galvanize and curate a visual self expression.

Anyways, it was great sharing all this with you. Till we meet again.

I guess this is the first post in 4 years with no picture in it.