The Condition of being disillusioned that was

I quit engineering.

I once in an email described myself as a disillusioned engineering student.

It's not really , Disillusionment it's more like the condition ofbeing disenchanted. Well I guess , thats what dissillusion is. The use of the transitive verb disenchant is to free from illusion. But if then I say that I'm dissillusioned , that is I say the condition that moulds me is free from illusion. Then, I lie. For nothing is free from illusion , and in the greater picture
the world is the illusion.
Thats the paradox really.
Now I'm a engineering student no more. I broke the illusion that was and now I'll move on to something else.

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Anand said...

All the best in whatever you decide to do next.

Your photos from the Europe trip were excellent.

aparna said...

congratulations on quitting.

Kathak - The Story Teller! said...

It's probably none of my business, but since you're already 2 years into the engineering business, it could be a good idea to get over with it, rather than quitting beyond the half way mark!

However, my best wishes with whatever you decide to do in future!


Anju said...

Whoa, thats a brave move. It shows you have a lot of character. :) I'm glad you are happier now.

Phal said...

you know i applaud.

now wheres my chocolates?

. : A : . said...

Congratulations on having the courage to leave something that you were disillusioned with. You will realise it was the best decision you made no matter what anyone tells you. And yes, completly understand the paradox of your email extract!

>|' ; '| said...

i'd say that u r sensible...i wish i had the courage for that.

Rushi said...

May you find your true career (ahem, writing) and be purged of the old one. Our prayers and love is always with you.

indiagenie said...

cant comment on the appropriateness of ur decision.. only you know best and hats off to you for the guts..

best of luck..

Akshay said...

Quitting is a big decision and admittedly so, I did quiet after some thought and wieghing in all my options.The option kathak mentioned obviously ran through my mind and it probably why I didn't quit earliar.
Other question to be answered and usually asked "if you quit this what stops you from quiting something else you do ?"
My heart is there my mind will surely follow.
Thanks for support guys it's much appreciated.

Geetanjali said...

All the best in your new quite sure your heart will lead you the right way. Sometimes not following your mind is the right thing to do...:-)
Cheerios baccha!

livinghigh said...

welcome back. ;-) a new decision, eh? alritey, then. best of luck, aks, and hoping u work things out in ure head now.

PS: nice new pic of ureseslf in de pane, buddy!