The Garlic Lineage
Garlic ,allium sativum, lasun call it what like. Garlic, the cloved herb. Still on the topic, here's a pungent question Can you survive on two handfuls of garlic? Lets further the question or let me put it in another way lets add some garlic in to some simmering oil. Can your family survive on two handfuls of Garlic?
I thought not.
I know, a family who does and there millions more who survive on a lot less.
My story takes, you to Mumbai , one of India's and actually to think about it one of the World’s Mega cities, with a population to 16 million, Bombay is one of the largest concentrations of human being anywhere, if New York is the city of 8 million stories ... Mumbai is a moving mass of images sometimes to blurry for your cognitive senses to comprehend.
Bandra, The Queen of the Bombay’s suburbs , is known for her glitzy inhabitants,
faces the vast expanse of the Arabian Sea, Mumbai's wallpaper , a canvas for the sun and the clouds.
There on the end of Carter Road, one of Bandra sea facing promenade a kolhi village.
The kolhis by occupation are fisher folk and were the original denizens of Mumbai. They can be found everywhere along India's western seaboard form Gujarat to Malabar.

If pungency of smell is any category on which I was to judge this article there is a smell more pungent then that of garlic . . That is the smell of drying fish...and the village is full of it.
Any now since I have now giving a long enough introduction, I will go directly to the story...
Here lives a family, one of many... They are different, no they don't live in the neighborhood slum, no they don't live in the tall apartment blocks that line carter road, they live in pipe... A pipe abandoned by the BMC it lies by the seaside. But wait people live here, a family of seven. Parents and there five children. Three boys and Two girls.. No friends they donot go to school, not a full time school at least...
AND for the finale this family survives on the earnings ... they get from selling two handful of garlic...
How do they manage you ask, I ask my question that too...
They barter what ever they have for some rice, flour...lentils. And the rest they leave to God.
When I say leave to God I mean it literally. They sit outside a temple (the children) at least hoping to get a free meal from a passer by...

They came to Bombay. May be looking for brighter future, may be forced due to famine or socio economic reasons from.... Now. They live this existence...of just mere existence.

What are their children going to do when they grow up...?
While they have a brighter future in new India.
Or will they will be entrapped in this garlic lineage.


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